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Research has found that birds and their beautiful songs are good for our wellbeing. “[A] study found that people were more likely to feel confident, relaxed, happy, connected to other people, and energetic and less likely to feel anxious, stressed, down, lonely, and tired in the presence of birdlife.” 1

In addition Ryan Hammoud said, “Our findings demonstrated that everyday encounters with birds had a positive effect on mental wellbeing in the moment and that this positive effect could last up to approximately 8 hours.” 1

Birding is relaxing. Just taking a break and going out in nature helps us relax. Getting away from the stresses of life can help us reset when we feel overwhelmed or just need a break from screens. And we don’t just feel better in the moment, these better feelings can stay with us for hours.

Birding is accessible. You can often walk out your front door, look out a window, or even just open a window and you will be greeted by the songs of birds. When you focus on listening to and looking for birds, it helps quiet your mind and calm down.

Birding is good for your body. Birding is an active hobby and walking is a great form of exercise. You don’t have to go on long, difficult hikes to see birds, they are practically everywhere. Even on a short walk you are likely to see or hear them and boost your mood.

Birding is exciting. This may not be the first thing you think of when thinking about birds, but if you keep a list or year list (I keep both), it is such a great feeling when you get to add a new bird to your list. It’s also exciting to see a bird you’ve never seen before especially if you’ve been working hard to find them.

Birding is a great way to make friends. When birding, especially when tracking a rarity or visiting a hot spot, you’re likely to meet other birders. There are also lots of birding communities, groups, and classes you can join locally or online.


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