Canada Geese

About 45 million Americans are birders, according to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. 1 When you look beyond the United States, you see that birding is a popular global hobby.

According to eBird ….

Birding brings people together.

Get to know your neighbors. When I started birding in my neighborhood, I got to know my neighbors better and when they realized I was into birds, they started telling me about birds in their yards, that they’d seen on walks, and even places I might like to visit.

Birders know birders. With your binoculars around your neck, it’s pretty obvious you’re a birder and other birders will naturally want to talk to you. Conversations about what birds you’ve seen that day, rare birds in the area, and hotspots you might want to check out are common.

Go on a birding tour

Take a class. Birding classes, both in person and online, are a great way to learn about birds, get better at identifying them, and meet friends. I’ve taken several birding classes for kids and now have friends around the world who love birds like I do. Outschool has a lot of great options.

Join a group. Groups are another great way to meet other people who share your interest in birds. There are local, state, and national groups. Check out the American Birding Association, National Audubon Society, Young Birder Clubs, to get started finding groups in your area and programs that interest you.

Check out young birder camps and events. eBird Young Birders Event, American Birding Association Young Birders


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