Birding is good for us, good for our community, and good for the planet.

Being around birds makes us feel better. Research has found that birds and their songs are good for our wellbeing.

"[A] study found that people were more likely to feel confident, relaxed, happy, connected to other people, and energetic and less likely to feel anxious, stressed, down, lonely, and tired in the presence of birdlife."
~ PsyPost

"Our findings demonstrated that everyday encounters with birds had a positive effect on mental wellbeing in the moment and that this positive effect could last up to approximately 8 hours."

When you're birding you are spending time outside, often in nature and that can be really relaxing for some people. Plus, the exercise you get is good for your body.

Birding can be done by yourself or with friends. About 45 million Americans are birders! Joining local birding groups, connecting online with other bird enthusiasts, or taking classes about birds are a great way to meet new friends who share your excitement about birds.

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