Learn about birds, where they live, and how to identify them

Tips for inviting birds to eat, nest, and hang out in your backyard

Ideas for how to take your birding beyond your backyard

Learn how birding helps kids, our communities and the planet.

Research has found that birds and their beautiful songs are good for our wellbeing.

About 45 million Americans are birders, according to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

Birding is good for us, good for our community, and good for the planet.

American Goldfinch

Bring Birds to You

From feeders to nest boxes, native plants to birdbaths, there are so many ways to invite birds into your world. Learn about birds, their habits, how they like to spend their time, and even how to setup a photo booth for your avian friends. 

Grab Your Binoculars & Get Going

Birding is as easy as walking out your front door or if you're looking for a bigger adventure, you can plan a trip to a local birding hot spot or even a bird-based vacation. We've got tips and tools to get you started when you're ready to look for birds beyond your backyard and start building your life list. 

Green Heron

Learn about birds, where they live, and how to identify themTips for

Get to Know the Birds in Your Backyard & Beyond

Birds are fascinating and diverse. They can also be tricky to observe and identify. Learning about different species, their behaviors, and where they are most likely to be found will help you correctly identify the birds who share your space and those you see when out exploring.

Red-shouldered Hawk